NX18IJ & NX18ij TPL

The general concept: the NX18IJ was created trying to implement a new stable image line for the team. After 2012, the traditional colours (green/orange/white) were slowly replaced (but never completely abandoned) by new schemes, which introduced many new solutions.
After 4 years, the NX18ij, should state what might become a new stable line for NetRex GP, with a dark grey being the main colour and a bright yellow (first time used already back in 2012 for the ACE division cars) as second and detail colour.
For each division, the two cars are recognizable by some parts used to easily distinguish which driver is in sight.
Front wing: where car #1 has all grey parts, car#2 shows a bright yellow in two of the front wings aero parts.
T-CAM: again bright yellow is used on car#2 to differentiate it from car#1.
Big Drivers Names: that’s easy, on the engine cover each car has a pretty big name (or nickname) of the driver.
Rear Wing: back of rear wing again shows the name or nick of the drivers.
The nose of the NX18ij highlights, with the strong yellow, the historical logo of the team created back in 1998 by Martijn Echten: a green circle with NX letters inside and the fundation date (March the 8th 1998) in silver letters.

NX18IJ - The nose

“Gaito Mieli” and “Race Team Simulator” are 2016 NetRex GP sponsors. The first being an italian company producing honey and all kind of products related, while the second is the title of a new F1 manager game, still under development, but extremely promising.

NX18IJ - The sponsors

It’s been quite many years that NetRex GP and Faster Than Speed have been close friends. Christian Smirnoff and Ernesto De Angelis built up a strong friendship during the years, translating in many crossed actions from one team to the other. FSR 2016 will be the first season without Faster Than Speed on the grid and NetRex decided to offer a tribute to their friends with a special front wing livery.

NX18IJ - Front Wing Tribute

This year FSR model/template, allowed to extend the livery work also on suspensions. NetRex advert and a little strong yellow sticker make the front suspensions of the NX18ij quite “special”.

NX18IJ - Suspensions

Pretty self explaining: each car will have the driver name in big style on the engine cover. Hard to make confusion between drivers.

NX18IJ - "Big" names

That’s used already for a few seasons now from NetRex GP, this season the t-cam name is placed in diagonal position on the nose, together with national flag of the drivers.

NX18IJ - T-Cam name

On the rear mirrors there are other little details: the team logo and the driver number. Mirrors are not used as difference between the two cars racing in same category: for that is used T-CAM colour and details on front wing.

NX18IJ - rear mirrors

On March the 8th 2016, NetRex will be 18 years old. Below the driver airbox, there is a little celebration together with the 2016 car name, NX18IJ.

NX18IJ - 18 years of NetRex



NetRex GP will have two teams in ACE DIVISION: TPL is the name of the team where Alvaro Torres and Norbet Leitner will race.
Being the two teams absolutely equal in terms of importance, it was needed to find a name good enough to only differentiate them in terms of naming, making clear the same dignity is assigned to both.
TPL stands for Tradizione, Passione, Lealtà, which is the motto of NetRex GP: this way, the name was used to keep the NetRex tradition live and that also reflects on the livery.
The design scheme is indentical to the NX18ij, but the NX18ij-TPL uses traditional NetRex GP colour.
Details are also identical to the NX18ij and same applies to the method used to distinguish car#1 from car#2.