Team History

Born on March the 8th 1998, NetRex Grand Prix is the most historic team racing in Formula SimRacing World Championship

Yearly Team Presentation
In 2002, NetRex GP has been the first simracing team to introduce animated car unveil and team presentations.

Race Broadcast
Together with the friend Christian Smirnoff, NetRex made the first attempt of showing full recorded and commented video of a FSR WC race.

The Alien
In final part of 2002 and first part of 2003, the alien Greger Huttu raced for NetRex GP. He made a total of 20 races, with 8 wins, 10 podiums and 9 poles.

Let’s meet
In early 2000’s, NetRex GP members were used to arrange an yearly meeting around europe.

It was the end of 1997 when Ernesto De Angelis and Dimitry Gerards met and started to think about forming a new and well organized sim racing team to compete in the most important leagues on the net. The two owners both came from a negative experience in a previous team and that was the boost and the motivation to start the so called “project-X”.

What they had in mind from the very beginning was a team with a new philosophy and a semi-professional organization, based on democratic participation of its members. They started to recruit many of the best people they met in the previous experiences, both on the racing side and the management part. Martjin Echten was one of the first to join the project as main web expert.

On the 8th of March 1998 the project-x was officially presented under the name of NetRex Grand Prix. The name is a mixture of english and ancient latin with “Net” standing for…well the net(!:D) and Rex from ancient latin rex (king). The KING of net competitions, a big and very high goal, which the team managed to accomplish in a fantastic manner in the first years of its existence. NetRex GP started to dominate many leagues in the late 90”s, like LFRS, RS2 League and much more.

That led NetRex GP to become one of the most famous teams of those days and it was a natural consequence that Kurt Baumann (founder of FSR, GP3GL at time) contacted team owners and tried all he could to have NetRex GP in the newly formed and ambitious league. The team managed to buy a FSR license from the very first day of the league thanks to the precious support of Thrustmaster which was the first sponsor in NetRex history.

The first year in FSR was not that lucky but in 2002 NetRex GP showed all its power by winning both the drivers title with Ernesto De Angelis and the constructors title. Two great drivers paired the italian that season: Max Dell”Orco and the famous Greger Huttu in the last 7 races of the season.

Season 2003 started even better for the team with five consecutive wins of the “flying finn”, who then had to retire for military service. The next years in FSR weren”t as high, especially ”cause of some problems NetRex owners had with the league admin of that period, leading the team to focus on other leagues.

Last big success for the team arrived in 2008 when NetRex GP totally dominated RFO league, a very important italian league which even granted David Greco (winner of the title with NetRex) a test drive in a F3 car.

Since that day, NetRex Gp entered a grey era, which the team  ended in 2012 season with the acquisition of a new young manager who was called to bring back to life NetRex tradition and activities: Fred Owen. The young british, sided by Ernesto De Angelis, quickly grew and acquired the needed experience to drive the team into a new era of success.
He proved extremely crucial in finding drivers who then revelead real “NetRex spirits”, some of them, indeed, became part of the team and its DNA in a stable way, from that day.

Season 2012 saw NetRex finally back for real in FSR WC, racing all GP’s of the season with a stable line-up, the two hungarians Gergo Baldi and Peter Varga. While the second couldn’t really prove his real potential, due to excessive dnf’s, Baldi’s debut season was impressive: he got a podium and finished 5th overall, same position for the team in constructors.

In 2013, Patrick De Wit was back in the seat of a NetRex car after few year, pairing up Baldi. The season was similiar to previous one, with team getting 3 pole positions and two podiums and finishing again 5th in constructors.

Season 2014 was opened with a big sign: Morgan Morand, the title contender in 2013 was signed by NetRex GP, going to initially pair up with Baldi. The season started in a fantastic way with Morand getting 4 wins out of the first 5 races, a start which put him clearly first in drivers standings with big chances to bring back the title in NetRex after 12 years. Later in the season, Baldi was replaced by Carlos Martin, the young spanish talent was even able to score a podium in his WC debut season.
Due to a very unlucky final part of the season, Morand couldn’t keep the lead, finishing again, after 2013, 2nd in drivers standings. The team also closed the season in second place, which stays best result excluding 2002 season.

Quite different destiny for the team in 2015, despite the high expectations; the team, indeed, confirmed the couple Morand, Martin, which was really considered one of the best of the whole field.
Unluckly Morand, after skipping first race for wheel problems, had to retire from the championship after second race for personal reasons. Martin, who also had to skip first race for a broken arm, was followed all season by bad luck. Thanks to Danny van der Niet (who made his debut in WC), Chris de Jong and Eros Masciulli (who replaced when needed), the team was always able to have two cars on track, in what can be considered the most unlucky season for NetRex since when the team was back in FSR WC 2012.