The lazy ACE reviewer: Silverstone GP

The lazy ACE reviewer: Silverstone GP

Saturday: race day.

8:10 AM – This time I will not fail; I will travel to the track with NetRex drivers! I’m just waiting Torres and Kallas; Silverstone, we’re coming!

10:30 AM – Where are them?! I’m so lazy that I don’t have a driving licence; it’s much more comfortable to be a passenger than a driver, and I don’t see any taxi!

11:55 AM – By the way, it seems we will have a luxury replacement on NetRex TPL; Ernesto De Angelis. Some say it’s a former FSR world champion, with NetRex too; I don’t believe it becouse I remember a “tortoise” helmet, and this is not. He must be a rookie.

11:59 AM – van der Niet, Lietner and De Angelis can’t help me; they’re already there, warming up their power units. Damn it! I miss good old engines..

2:00 PM – I will follow the ACE grand prix by my little radio here. Race is starting with intermediate conditions and..van der Niet is very fast, he is recovering places and taking a podium spot! Even Lietner is flying and can finish on the podium; maybe they should race every time in this kind of conditions! I bet De Angelis will not give up and he will finish scoring good points..but now I have to wait: some short commercials are coming.

4:00 PM – What the hell?! Almost 2 hours of teas and Beatles compilations advertisements! I only know that van der Niet lost some places after his first pitstop, and crashed touching a wet line with dry tires; he still finished 6th, in front of our novice De Angelis. Lietner did not make important mistake, continued to climb the field and conquered a very good second position!

8:17 PM – Still waiting for someone ride, this time straight to the next track: the Red Bull Ring. Lazy people know the fastest way to do the job (Bill Gates)