The lazy ACE reviewer: Canada GP

The lazy ACE reviewer: Canada GP

NetRex lazy reviewer is back, full of energy and dedication! He went to the Gilles Villeneuve track in Montreal to see all the action, and this is his FSR article.

“There is nobody here; no drivers, no cars, no spectators. Race is probably postponed becouse of something, maybe a tornado..or maybe I forgot when the race was; today is Saturday, right? Well, don’t worry; I have NetRex box keys, just give me a minute.

Hey, I think I found something useful in engineer rooms; I love our drivers!”

Alvaro Torres
“Really hard weekend overall. I knew this track would be difficult because of the hard brakings where I really suffered a lot. I confirmed it in qualification where I couldn’t get into the 10 fastest guys. I knew my race pace was much better but starting on the middle of the field it was going to be risky. Luckily i could survive and have really good fights, during the first two races I didn’t have any battle so at least I could have some fun on the track. After some good overtakes I reached the 5th and tried to catch the OFR cars, but they had an amazing pace also as Avid Chronic guys who had a amazing pace during all the weekend. This race has been a warning for us, because some of our rivals are working really hard and improving a lot, so we have to do the same if we want to keep fighting with the top guys in all the categories. Special mention to Georg Winter who just joined the team and really helped a lot for the preparation of this race, also showing a great pace and adaption. I’m really sure that we’ll see him fighting for victory in PRO category very soon. I wish him good luck for the rest of the season!”

Danny van der Niet
“I had a decent start, I did not lost or gain any positions; after that I was stuck in the midfield around P17. After my first stop I was in clean air and I pushed quite hard to catch the guys in front; at the end of the second stint I was in the top ten. In the third stint I was fighting with Schgoer and we hit eachother; that cost me almost 10 seconds and an extra pitstop, so my race was ruined and after that I lost some motivation, making stupid mistakes. I lost my front wing in the second last lap; it costs me P8”

Sander Kallas
“Qualification: good, managed to take P5, which was pretty much the best I could hope for.
Race: going roughly a second slower than in practice because I just can’t focus. Anyway I rear ended someone slightly after first pit, and I lost front wing. Later, after another stop, I spun and bricked my tires. Decided to press esc, only 2nd time ever in over 10 years of simracing without having terminal damage to the car”

Norbert leitner
“My qualify pace was not good, so I started from P15. At the race start I was able to overtake Danny, so I finish 1st lap 14th. Than I was able to move up another position. On lap 9 I came up to Twister guys Befumo and Valeriano; after Befumo went to the pit, I overtaked Valeriano before my pitstop. later I was 10th, then I managed to overtake Befumo and come up behind Teemu Valkeejarvi; I made a mistake in his slipstream and that gave Befumo a opportunity to overtake me. Sadly we made contact and we lost 3 or 4 positions. After that I tried to overtake him again but we made contact again, resulting in a suspension damage for me. Unlucky race for me, I think I had a top ten race pace. I hope next races will be better!”

“Who is Georg Winter? Have I to review his race too? I will ask more money!”                                                                                                                                        – The lazy ACE reviewer