Bahrain PRO: Bitter and Sweet

Bahrain PRO: Bitter and Sweet

After a controversial first round for the netrex pro drivers. It time to go to the next one in Bahrein. The pc issues from Chris de Jong were finally fixed, pc issues were a comment thing this weekend but never mind all those problems have been solved.

Bahrein started already bitter or fellow South African Andrew Pienaar didn’t make it in time and missed the race by work related issues. Next time can only be better because Andrew is free from work. He is determent to have a good result in Spain, and is already working hard for as great recovery. Already a lot of Netrex members is helping him to improve his abilities.

For the other pro driver Chris de Jong the weekend started tough. He was forced to start from the back of the grid.

Chris had a pretty good start although he was very cautious during the first laps and didn’t gain as much positions what he has set in terms of strategy but at the end the start was safe and clean. After a very good first stint were he made already 10 positions he was already in the top 10. In the second stint was Chris desperately trying to reduce the time he lost during the first stint on the other top 10 runners after again some great overtakes and a great fight with Lukas Schmidt Chris made a big mistake.

Chris was defending on old tyres on Lukas Schmidt, and the fight was heating up. At the end of lap 30 Lukas overtook Chris, but Chris didn’t gave up and had a great exit out of turn 2 but in turn 3 he braked to late and hit Lukas his rear. After that accident Lukas lost his rear wing and was forced to retire from a 3rd position. Chris did not have any damage but stopped at the end of that lap for new tyres.

After his second stop he felt back to the 5th position he was using the soft compound to try to overtake the guys in front easily. But the guys in front were to far which result in a 5th place finish. A great result for Chris after a back of the grid a tremendous drive from him. And a great result for the team.

Chris quoted

I made contact with lukas Schmidt and he was forced to retire which left a salty taste in my mouth but I am pretty sure he was really upset, i talked to him in personal and everything is cool but apart from that incident which was obviously my fault i had a pretty fun and exciting race. Also very happy for Cook claiming victory in the end and i expect him to be alongside Antochowski  and me fighting for the podium in Barcelona.