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The lazy ACE reviewer

NetRex Grand Prix hired a new reviewer to report to you every ACE race of this FSR season. Unfortunatly, it seems that this former FSR driver is quite lazy; he is pretending to do his job just asking our drivers:”How was your race?”. So, tha

Norbert Leitner announced

Just few days after Torres’ presentation, we discover that the hungarian Norbert Leitner will pair him up in the upcoming 2016 FSR Ace Division. Norbert will drive car #27, a number full of meanings and history. After a bittersweet 2015 as official

Alvaro Torres is back!

After a very promising 2014, Alvaro Torres had to abandon racing for a whole long year. The spanish driver, who can count four wins in FSR Pro division, was showing a great potential the year later, when he moved to ACE division, scoring podiums and solid