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Austrian GP WC: D’Alessandro takes the win!.

She’s back! It was August 2014 when Morgan Morand scored the last win for NetRex GP in Hockenheim, before Michele D’Alessandro brought her back home last week-end in Austria. Looking at previous races it was all but unpredictable that D’Alessandro

The lazy ACE reviewer: Canada GP.

NetRex lazy reviewer is back, full of energy and dedication! He went to the Gilles Villeneuve track in Montreal to see all the action, and this is his FSR article. “There is nobody here; no drivers, no cars, no spectators. Race is probably postpone

Bahrain PRO: Bitter and Sweet.

After a controversial first round for the netrex pro drivers. It time to go to the next one in Bahrein. The pc issues from Chris de Jong were finally fixed, pc issues were a comment thing this weekend but never mind all those problems have been solved. Ba